Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hand Bag Charms

I thought I would share with you a few of the hand bag charms I made yesterday

This is a brand new craft to me - I have dabbled with Pandora type bracelets and lamp work bracelets

When at the Summer Crafting event last weekend I bought lots of new and exciting charms, chains, bracelets and some findings (that's the name for head pins, eye pins, broach backs, ear-rings etc) and some basic tools

Added to that lot I went online and bought extras I read about needing to complete the handbag charms

I have a nice collection of hand bags now and would love a charm per bag but some of them cost between £10 & £20 each and really they are not worth that much...

So I thought - I can do that!!!

But can I?

Here are some of my first attempts....what do you think???

The first red attempt - it was a longish charm - the picture shows it closed as it would hang, it has a selection of charms and beads of different shapes and sizes that contrast well together

And then this shows the charm opened up so you can see the details a little clearer....despite it looking chunky it is light enough to not notice its there!!

The next one again shows it closed - I loved making this one as I love working with anything green, I find it so calming....

Then with it opened up....I used a hat charm near the attaching keyring and a pretty sandal charm at the bottom!!!

And lastly the short red one....which was actually trimmed from the top red once I saw just how long I had actually made it - so added other bits and think it worked well - doesn't  it?

I know this one really does look chunky but that was what I was hoping to achieve!!

Personally I love them all - I did do another one which was a shabby chic type one as it was all recycled beads, charms, coins and chains but I forgot to get a piccie!!!

Next time....


  1. You could teach a class in this too.

  2. I love the handbag charms, Angie. Beautiful colours. Liz xx

  3. Having now seen these in real life they are super stunning!