Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Card sizes explained

Having just explain the method for making the Is It A Book card it dawned on me some newer crafters may not fully understand the paper and envelope sizing

So, a standard sheet of paper or card stock is called A4

Half of an A4 sheet is an A5 piece - so when we fold an A4 sheet of card stock we create an A5 card blank

If we cut an A4 sheet into 2 A5 pieces and then each of those in half again we get 4 A6 pieces

So by folding on A5 sheet of card in half we get an A6 card blank

In card making we would rarely go any smaller but if you fold an A6 piece of card stock you create an A7 card - really this is a mini card or gift card - great for parcels or even place settings at the table.

So remember in short

1 x A4 folded makes 1 A5 card blank
1 A5 folded makes 1 A6 card blank
1 A6 folded makes 1 A7 card blank

And from one A4 sheet we will get

1 x A5
2 x A6
4 x A7

And when looking for envelopes for these cards some will be in the above sizes ie A5, A6, A7 whereas sometimes they may be C5 = A5, C6 = A6 and sorry but I'm not sure about the A7 sizes...

If you wanted to make a bigger card you can but A3 card stock, this is equal to 2 x A4 sheets so would make an A4 card blank,
or the following square cards
and any irregular shape you might want to use providing you either have an envelope of can make your own!!!

Your A4 sheet of card stock will make square cards too the biggest been 6x6 and you can do the popular 5x7 cards too....

Always use your Eazi Score board to create your card blanks as its marked out to make it easier for you!!!

I do hope this information has helped you understand the sizes and not confused you more!

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  1. thanks for this Angie it really helps to have these even if you are not a new crafter ha ha
    Pat xx