Friday, 8 July 2011

Online Shopping - PART 1

My PC has died on me taking with it all my new photographs of the cards I have made to share, I know I can take more photos but I am using hubbys notebook and it has no cd drive, no camera software, no resizing/editing programs etc so its not worth the hassle - Im going to be patient and keep everything crossed it wont be long before Pete gets me up and running again

So rather than offer you nothing, I thought I would share my favorite online stores and why they are worth a visit...

To start with the store I use most is Cutting Edge Crafts
they have a minimum £5 spend, its FREE P&P and you can pay with all cards online, or ring and pay, send postal order or cheque, or use PayPal
Everything is sent 1st class recorded
They sell all the top brands and often at discount prices
I would suggest you check this site before buying elsewhere and save the address in your favorites,

The next site is Grafton Crafts
I'm not going to say anymore about this site as it is almost the same as Cutting Edge Crafts - same terms and conditions - again well worth browsing the site and adding to your favorites

Imag-i-nation is a great site for buying your supplies or accessing their wonderful verses for cards....
they are LA PASHE main stockists and you really should check out their £1 section for some amazing bargains - they have a minimum £5 spend with free 2nd class postage or you can upgrade to 1st class for £1.99 - I have always gone with the free 2nd class and most of the time my orders arrive within 3 - 5 days!!!!

Thats it for today as I am struggling to use this notebook on my knee,

Come back soon for the next part....

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