Monday, 4 July 2011

Mini Easel

Today I decided I would try do something nice with a sheet I printed a few days ago and I hope you will agree, something nice did come from it!!!

I used a new cd from Debbi Moore - Mini Easels PARIS collection, this is to co-ordinate with a previous Paris collection

I know its called mini easel but I was suprised just how small they actually were when printed but like I said I wanted to try do something

In reality, these are more gift tag sized but totally unsuitable as a gift tag because of the here is what I did,....

The sheet had 3 main pieces and 6 sentiments - there was the shaped topper, the 10cm square base paper and the 10cm square with the block centre to fold.

My base was made using an A5 piece of gold linen card - I had to cut it into 2 A6 pieces - one was the base and the other I scored in half and then using the eazi score board I place the edge of the card on line 1 and scored on line 2, turned to the opposite edge and did the same again.

Next I folded one edge and stuck under the base card using double sided tape to reform my card blank - and then folded the other edge under strengthening the edge.

Hope I havent lost anyone with that description - if I have, please leave a comment and I will add extra photos to show the workings....

Moving on, the printed base paper was attached to the card base - 2.5cm from each side and 0.5cm from top and bottom edge.

The next printed piece was attached to the easel fold lining it up with the base  - so far so good??

I matted the topper onto the same gold linen card and cut out leaving a border all around it and then attached to the folded easel.

Because the image is glamourous but to me slightly olde looking, I went with a distressed look and to do that I took my *SNOW SANDING BLOCK * and gently rubbed it along all the gold edges which left it looking silvery, I was really pleased with it!!

I matted a sentiment onto a scrap of the gold card with sticky pads then mounted the gold card on sticky pads too - it was placed on the base as the stopped for the easel

Because I have a lovely collection of card candi I chose 3 different colours, a gold, a beige and a brown and used them along the easel and base to create a design.

To finish this card I added 3 tiny pearls to her hair and a larger one to her dress after edging the fur with my quickie glue pen and sprinkling with glamour dust...

So from what was to start with a gift tag sized card we ended up with a pretty and useable A6 card....

**I will take and add a photo of the SNOW SANDING BLOCK - but basically it is just a long solid square piece if white sand sheet which doesnt leave marks when distressing**


  1. Pretty little card Angie. Liz x

    Keep up the good work
    Pete Lord