Monday, 25 July 2011

The Bakery Shoppe

Welcome to today's card which is called The Bakery Shoppe

It was bought from and it is by one of my favorite talented designers Karen Briggs

The kit number is 205151_68 should you be interested.

So back to the card and how I made it...

The kit was printed onto matt photo papers, there are 5 sheets in all - the shop front which has some of the decoupage, shop back, shop inside which has the remaining decoupage and the 2 pieces for the envelope

Its important to read the instructions and follow them or you will do as I did the first time I made up one of these shop cards because instinct told me how to do it - and in fact I messed up and had to reprint it all!!!! A lesson learnt for me.

I started by cutting out all the pieces and added a piece of acetate to the window, there are 2 shelves which are decoupaged to go on the back inside sheet and then a decoupage panel that has tabs on the bottom which slip and fix into slots on the inner sheet.

Once I had the tabs secured in place I decorated the cakes and buns using glossy accents on the cherries and strawberries, pearlidoodles in pink, blue and lilac on the cupcakes and glamour dust in random places for a bit of shine!!!

Once everything was dry I set to work on making up the card - so taking the shop back I scored on the 3 marked lines as instructed and the same 3 lines on the inner sheet, the shop front only has one score which is where the double sided tape is placed to fix the panel in place.

Laying the inner panel on top of the back panel it all lines up perfectly. at this stage I added a strip of double sided tape under the top edge of the inner panel to keep it in place once I moved the card about.

As in the instructions, the next step is to attach the shop front and shop back lining up the shaped roof, I used double sided tape which I removed the backing and rubbed my glue stick over just in case I didn't get lined up correctly and needed to try again.

Once I was happy they were lined up I smoothed them together making the double sided tape bond.

To the bottom of the card I used DST to attach the inner sheet to the shop back then the DST panel on the shop front was attached to shop inner.

The little boy and his dog were decoupaged and had glossy accents on the pocket of the trousers as well as the dogs eye and nose - this was then attached to the lower left of the card to show them peeping through the window longingly!!!

This is how the card looks from the side - it folds flat for posting and easily pops back into shape when opened up.

You can print your verse direct to the shop back using something like Picasa but I decided I wanted to mat my verse to contrasting card stock so printed onto normal paper, cut it with fancy edged cutter then matted and fixed in place with double sided tape!

The black panel in the photo on the card back is where I have cut it as I had written my message before I took the photograph, and as it was to hand to a friend this week it didn't seem right to share that info with you all!!!

I do hope I didn't over complicate the way I made this card - if you get the chance, please do have a go at this type as they are easy but look great when done!!!

Thank you for looking and see you again soon I hope.....


  1. What a beautiful, cute and colourful card, Angie. I'm sure your friend will love it and appreciate the work that has gone into it. You're a star! Liz x

  2. Love all your cards Angie and your bag cham well
    WOW WOW WOW they look as you have been makeing them for years