Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sun Bonnet Sue

I have put this card together as a project for a card class

Its been so long since I last did any Iris Folding - in fact I lost most of my patterns when my PC packed up last year and never gave a thought to tracking them down again until today

So I headed over to who offer lots of free to use patterns as well as easy to follow step by step instructions and in many cases there are completed projects which can be a huge help!!

So please meet Sun Bonnet Sue - Angie Style!!!

I traced around the outline, flipped the tracing paper over and retraced the design direct to my card stock - this was an A5 piece of thin off white card stock then cut out the aperture.

Turning the A5 card over I stuck it with low tack tape over the chart so I could follow the number fold lines...

The pattern showed I needed 3 colours so I went for light weight  pearlescent paper in blue, green and purple with a piece of silver holographic card for the eye.

For anyone not familiar with iris folding, its is simply a case of take a 3cm strip of paper, fold with a sharp fold and then lay the fold again the printed line of the chart in number order - so start at 1 and work through to the last number - there is a chart to help with colours IE col 1 - do number 1, 4, 7, 10 etc then col 2 - 2, 5, 8, 11 etc and finally col 3 -  3, 6, 9, 12 and so on....its easy once shown I have to admit

I laid the 1st colour strip across the fold line number 1 and tore it so it overlapped the edges slightly and held in place with a small piece of DST - continued this way until I was only left with the eye - I placed a 3.5 cm square piece of silver holographic card over this and secured firmly.

I removed the low tack tape and turned the card front over to admire my work!!!

The arm is cut in one piece in any colour you chose, so I went along with the blue which was rested between the purple and green so really stood out.

Next I took a sheet of navy blue A4 card and folded to create my A5 card blank, used a Martha Stewart Cherish corner punch on all corners then used a fancy edge blade in the Woodware trimmer to cut the 4 sides on my iris folded card stock.

Thin double sided sticky pads were stuck to the back of my iris folded panel and secured centrally on the navy card blank.

To take the plainness off the white card I used 4 silver peel off corners and then matted a "With Love" sentiment onto a piece of dark red pearl paper and added on an angle to the top left corner.

I chose 2 paper flowers on stems which I folded in half then covered with 6mm white satin ribbon and attached to the card under Sun Bonnet Sue's arm

How pretty is that!!!!


  1. And having been at the card class to learn how to make this card, i must say it was a very rewarding experience and I am now able to move on to make them myself after just one lesson - simple as that!