Friday, 15 July 2011

Smell The Flowers

Before I start my card for today I really must apologise for not being around for a few days - my PC has been proper poorly and although I had access to 2 others I just couldnt get the photos uploaded, cropped and ready - and I had no interest to be honest!!

But thanks to my ever so patient hubby Pete, Im back up and running again so hopefully be back to posting at least a card a day!!!

Todays card is another taken from the new Cupcake Crafting cd GARDEN DELIGHTS.

For this card I used a bought 5x7 scallop edged card

I used double sided tape to secure the base layer which was the broad pink then lilac border to matt silver mirri card, then onto a deeper purple, leaving a narrow border on each layer.

This was then attached to the card blank again with double sided tape.

As I cut out the decoupage pieces I shaped them on the foam mat using the white shaping tool then fixed in place with pinflair silicone

When shaping the last pieces I added more pressure in a circular motion, starting at the outside and spiralling inwards - this makes the piece look like its padded which looks great on the butterfly and the teddys arm.

Once all my decoupage was in place I chose self adhesive pink gemstones in 2 sizes, the larger size was used in the centre of the 4 large flowers and also the 4 corners of the design

The smaller gems were then stuck in each scalop around the card...

Tiny amber gemstones were used inside the flowers on the Birthday Wishes panel - you cant beat a bit of bling!!!

Finally I used white enamel accents on the butterfly wings and whites of teddy's eyes and the black enamel went on teddy's nose!!!

I was really pleased with the finished results of this card, I added a general birthday sentiment and now its ready to use!!

I do hope you have enjoyed this step by step - come back again tomorrow for the next installment!

Oh and all the news of my day out at the Summer Crafting show.....

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  1. Pretty and colourful card Angie. I love using 5 x 7 size cards as well. xx