Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Is it a Book?

This is a lovely idea for a special keepsake but I cannot take any credit for it as it was something that took my eye in the last issue of Making Cards magazine - August 2011.

In the mag they used Pampered Pets papers and rubber stamps whereas I have used Fizzy Moon papers and self adhesive embellishments

Nor did I have the same punch so again used my own version of it...

To make this card you need white or cream card stock for the outer card, 3 or 4 different coloured card stock for matting and layering, a lacy border punch, backing papers, embellishments, c6 envelopes, corner punch, hole punch and ribbon....

This isn't a quick card, in fact it took me well over an hour maybe even close to 2 hours to complete and that was as I said using self adhesive elements rather than rubber stamps.

To start you need to create 2 pieces of card to measure 13x15cm and have long sides at top and bottom, take one piece and using a lacy punch, punch down the short right hand side edge, then on the left edge measure 1.5cm in and score a line.

Cut a piece of patterned paper and attach this between the scored edge and the punched edge using double sided tape. This is your card FRONT. Put this to one side for now.

Take the other piece of card and cover the front with your choice of backing paper then trim a piece of the main card stock to the width of your page and 2cm deep and punch a border, this is then attached to the top of the back page - keep checking my photos if you get stuck.

Decide which card stock is going to be which layer - this will remain the same sequence throughout the card, cut a square from each colour you want to use reducing by a small amount with each layer - all you need is a narrow border on each layer.

Round ALL corners on the mats then stick to the lower centre of the card using DST - you can add the embellishment to the mats now or wait until your book is complete and do all pages together.

Stick down the flaps of 3 c6 envelopes (these are the size used on an A6 card) with the long sides at left and right cut all 3 envelopes in half making 6 wallets. We only need 5 for the card.

Take TWO of the cut envelopes and score a line down the LEFT side only, 1.5cm in, then on the remaining 3 cut envelopes score the RIGHT side only, again 1.5cm in. All score lines are valley folds.

Next take different backing papers and cover all 5 mini envelopes, front and back - up to the folds only, then cut 5 strips of card stock to measure 2x21cms and punch the long edge on one side only with the lacy punch - fold in half then this strip will attach to the top of the pocket across the front and round the back - use a good double sided tape for this.

You need to then start making the squares to pop into the mini envelopes - to do this you need to cut the main square to 9cms x 9cms then the next 3 or 4 squares slightly smaller - just like we did for the 1st piece on the back page. Remember to make 5 of these the same, round all corners again and then punch a hole in the top centre of each complete page so a ribbon can be added to take the page from the envelope

Once you have done the 5 pages, cut a short length of contrasting ribbon and loop into each page, trimming them all to about the same length. You can now slot one of these into each envelope with the matted section to the front.

Now to the making up - and the trickiest part of this project - place the envelopes scored on the LEFT side against the bottom left of the card and these with the RIGHT side scores to the bottom right of the back card

Cut a 1.6cm x 13cm strip of card, place against RIGHT edge of back card on TOP of the mini envelopes,

 Place the card front (from earlier) on top of the envelopes against the left edge of the card back.

Carefully punch 3 holes down the left edge going through all layers then 3 holes down the strip of card on the right edge again going through all layers

Attach the layers together using ribbon in any way to suit you - I decided to use 2 pieces at each side so did top to centre hole and tied in a knot at the front, then with the other ribbon I did centre to bottom tied in a knot at the front and trimmed all pieces then repeated in the holes at the other side.

Finally use your chosen embellishments to decorate the fronts of all envelopes as well as front of matted sqaures in the envelopes - you can add sentiments if you chose to make it personal to you....

Decorate the front cover too and maybe add a name of who it will be going to for that extra special touch!!!

As there are 3 envelopes to the right I placed the 3rd onto the back page, then the 2nd left, 2nd right, 1st left and 1st right so it opened alternately....

I hope you enjoyed this project and will maybe decide to have a go yourself - I know I will be making more to suit a variety of occasions - this would be perfect for a wedding or new baby!!

Good luck - and remember if you get stuck, all you have to do is ASK!!!!


  1. What a beautiful keepsake, Angie. Took you over an hour! It would take me days to complete something like that! Lol. Liz x

  2. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It's a very pretty, sweet and creative,,