Friday, 28 June 2013

Give the dog a bone...

Well thankfully I have removed the nail polish – I had a reply from the nail technician who said the nails had a gel coating which was set and the way to remove it was to file off the top coat then remove as usual with acetone nail polish remover
Well it did work but it was one hell of a job I can tell you, I used 4 big nail files and almost a packet of cotton pads and bottle of acetone
It took me around 3 hours to get it all removed and then I used a base coat, painted my nails, then repainted – then added a top coat so went to bed feeling happier with them
Got up and saw the nails in daylight and what a mess!!! I had polish all over my skin so ended up taking all that off and went with a base coat and just a pale pearlescent polish – they look ok now!!!
Right I have a card for you – it was a really quick and easy card but I just love it!
It was a kit I bought from printable heaven, it came with toppers in different sizes, a backing paper, then stripes of colour that when rolled created a tin of dog food, and others that went together and created the dog bone!
So to start I used a 5”x7” card blank, the backing paper had a wide green border so I trimmed the border so the backing would fit the card front and stuck it in place using double sided tape.
I used one of the larger toppers, trimmed it and attached to the card front on an angle again using double sided tape.
Below that I added a panel off the sheet of toppers, it was a cream centre with green border – it was attached at an angle also.
The kit offered a good selection of tags so I picked the Happy Birthday, punched a hole and added a small piece of green ribbon, stuck sticky pads to the back and fixed alongside the cream panel.
The long strip of paper was rolled up until it came to the end which I added a small blob of Cosmic Shimmer PVA to hold it together, then ran the glue along the roll and attached to the panel making sure the Dog Food label could be seen.
Next the bone – I tolled the wider strip of paper, added glue to hold in place then added a dot of glue to one end of that and attached a fine strip which was rolled around the wider, this was repeated at the other end thus creating the dog bone!
This bone was then stuck to the cream panel with the cosmic shimmer pva
And that's the card done
Its clean, plain and simple but the dog food can and bone really make this card into something different!
Its in my to use or to sell box
See you next time