Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Doggy Plate

Good evening

Again I have slipped and missed a day – but yesterday I really wasn’t well and in fact was in bed around 7pm....thank goodness I feel better today, it could be because I have had a visit from 2 friend, Katie & Karen were members of the class I ran before I moved over to New Holland and I’ve not seen them to have a good natter with since so I have a few projects we will get to make.

Anyway on to the card – I made this for my lovely friend Ann, she has a collection of dogs just now – and she loves any breed

When I saw this set on the new cd by Creative Crafting Pollyanna Pickering Best Of Breeds, I printed it out and sent it off to her – as it happened she opened it with her birthday cards and now has it sat on her desk

Again this design is a plate and stand, so I printed the sheet which had the plate, the stand and 2 small circular toppers. I stuck this sheet to a sheet of white 350gsm white card then printed off a backing sheet which I used on the back of the stand. The plate had an interactive back so I added my personal message and printed.

As you can imagine there really wasn’t a lot to make up, I cut out the plate then stuck the back panel in place with pva glue. The stand was scored down the centre, I scored it on the front and the back so the papers didn’t tear.

The 2 circles I made into badges as I have a bag of pins with a self adhesive strip, at least then the badges were more use than 2 small circles!

As I said the card arrived without Ann knowing I was sending her it so as it was near her birthday she just added it to the cards she had received ready for the big day.

As I haven’t been very good at the blogging of late – watch this space, you never know what might appear in it lol


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  1. Lovely card Plate and Im glad your feeling a little better couldnt remind you was out of it myself