Saturday, 7 March 2015

I'm finally back....


First of all I want to say a huge thank you to my wonderful friends who have emailed, texted and facebook messaged me about my not blogging for 3 days now, it means a lot knowing you really do enjoy what I share with you

I have had a rough few days – I really over did things on Wednesday which resulted in me going off to be around 8pm – totally unknown for me unless I am ill. Thursday and Friday turned into busy days so again I was shattered – add to that restless legs which would not calm down despite taking all my meds on time...but I am feeling much better today

This morning I caught the train to Cleethorpes with Fern and my friend, Fern was great on the train and loved the chance to run free on the beach, shame every man and his dog were on the beach at the same time...people see this big white Lurcher charging towards them and their dog at 100 mile an hour and start sadly she had to go back on her lead, but we walked along the prom then headed into town and took it in turn to do a little shopping – sat and had a welcome coffee before catching the train home again....Fern came in, had a bowl of water and then flopped and hasn’t moved since!!!

Anyway you pop by to see my card not hear about me and the dog sorry.

This card is fab – but it had me baffled – 3 attempts before I finally got it right! 

This is a kit by Carol Clarke and was bought from
It has loads of sheets to the kit, 2 for the envelope, 2 backing papers, 2 to make up the pirate and a sheet to form the stand and some sentiments.

I started but cutting the main pirate and the mechanism out roughly, sprayed the backs with Crafters Companion Stick & Stay then smoothed the pieces onto white 300gsm card and then cut out properly, the decoupage elements were also cut out. The mechanism was sprayed on the back and stuck to the black and white striped backing paper and cut out. The pirate top and bottom were sprayed and then stuck to the red with black spots backing paper and cut out.

The decoupage elements were attached to the pirate using small 1mm thick sticky pads, once that was done I used a black promarker and ran it across all the outer edges of the card, just looks so much nicer than black sections with white edges.

And this is where I went wrong, not once, not twice – but 3 yes 3 times!!!
All I had to do was score the mechanism in 3 places and add double sided tape to 3 sections... I scored all 3 lines check. Added the double sided tape in the 3 sections that was 2 of the 3 parts correct. Now I had to remove the backing tape from the smallest section and attach to the back of pirates lower body, 1st mistake! I attached it upside down so as I removed it I tore the backing paper so luckily saved the excess, so I recovered and was ready to go again. I added more double sided tape to the smallest section, removed the backing and made sure the pirate was the right way up – 2nd mistake! I stuck the boots to the panel. Again I tore the backing as I tore away the panel, this time I had to reprint the full sheet of backing paper, recovered the pirates lower half and added yet more double sided tape to the panel but this time I played with the mechanism until I was sure I had it right – and at last it sunk in, I had to stick the panel to the top of the shorts at the back – hooray! How easy was that!!!

All I then had to do was stick the upper body to the other section of the mechanism where I had the double sided tape – I even managed to mess this up because I got the mechanism stuck to the body at the most peculiar angle, but thankfully I had used Pritt stick so it peeled away without damage to the panel or the body – phew!

So there it is – my on the shelf Pirate card...I just need to make up the envelope and add my verse to the back. I know the sheet had a few sentiments and also a diagram on how to display the card but who knows where that went to...

So I hope you liked the card – and got a little chuckle along the way!

Next time I will share my 1st visit to a tanning centre as well as a card of course

Enjoy the weekend; especially if it’s as nice where you are as it is here, summer is certainly on its way (just like my holiday)

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