Monday, 16 March 2015

Mothers Day Plaques


I do hope all you mums had a lovely Mothers Day and were spoilt from start to finish – I know I was, I received so many beautiful gifts I came over all emotional.

Anyway, I had bought some lovely mdf plaques that I decorated so the grandchildren could surprise their mums, I popped one in the post to my son so he could hide it away and then my 3 grand children could sign the back and make it extra special.

And I made one for Best Mum and one for Best Auntie which I gave to Layton to give to his mum and Auntie Nicky who is like his mum number 2

So as I think you all know, the mdf items come bare so they can be decorated in any way you like.

I started by dabbing a piece of foam into the flitter glue then dabbed it all around the outer edges, the flower shape, then for the Mum plaque I covered with Silver gilding flakes and the Auntie with Variegated red gilding flakes, the excess is rubbed away with a rough spongy thing (cannot remember its name) and that then produces the fantastic rich shine – looks great when the sunshine hits it!

I really didn’t know how I wanted to decorate the lettering and after much thought I decided to go all glittery! Neither mum nor auntie have favourite colours so I decided to use a beautiful jade green for the Auntie plaque and a rose pink for the Mum plaque.

To get a good thick coating of glitter I used Cosmic Shimmer pva glue to completely cover the letters then sprinkled the glitter over the wet glue and lightly tapped away the excess then set them aside to dry – because the glue was so thick I allowed 24 hours before wrapping them up just so I didn’t spoil them.

Once they were dry I found a length of cream crafters rope so slotted it through the holes and tied a knot in the ends.

I simply wrapped each plaque in a sheet of tissue paper and wrote Mum on one and Auntie on the other – so as we did Mothers day on Saturday (because my daughter Nicky was working Sunday so would be home after I left)
Layton gave the gifts out and it was lovely as neither of the girls expected it. Nicky had bought a Pandora ring and charm for Vicky from Layton and Vicky bought a Pandora charm and ring for Nicky from Layton.

I have searched but cannot find the photo of the other mum plaque I made for my Daughter-in-Law so it must be on my soon as I find photos I will share them

And that’s it for today, I do hope you liked the plaques – I know the girls do!

Be back again tomorrow so see you then....

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