Saturday, 28 March 2015

In The Bag


I won’t apologise as this missing days is happening all too often just now – I haven’t been too well and not had any real interest in crafting

Yesterday I caught the train over to Grimsby and headed off to Wilko’s my favourite shop for a good bargain, managed to get my main toiletries for my holidays and a few stationery bits and bobs too

But my best buy was a foam bag kit – the kit had 2 funky foam handbags to make up – the kit included the nylon cord, 2 needles, 2 long plaited pink handles and of course the 3 pieces needed for each bag,

I know I am a child at times, but I couldn’t wait to make a start on the bags – I started with the lilac one – the stitch is a simple over stitch which I felt might have been a tad difficult for a child to do seen as these were aimed at 6+

I think it took me around 15 mins to complete the bag

On to the pink bag – I sewed one side only to find I wouldn’t have enough cord to do the other side so had to take it all out and I used some white dk wool that had a cotton lustre running through it, it worked – but not as good as the cord did,

One other thing I will mention – the kits are well packed – but that isn’t such a good thing as the flowers and studs have embedded into the foam, I have tried to warm the foam with the heat gun in the hope the indents would disappear but nope they are still there!!!

To sum up then, the kit was just 99p for 2 pretty bags – downside was the shortage of cord and the indents, but just think how exciting a little girls birthday party could be if they each had one of these to make and take away!! Cheap entertainment in my mind!

See you with something else I bought and will be making up hopefully this evening!!


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