Sunday, 1 March 2015

Bubbles of Love


A little treat of sorts today as I have 2 cards – both very similar and both the kits were designed by Paper Creator and were bought from at an amazing price too...I paid just £1 each but when I came to checkout I found it was a bogof so even better. 

Rather than show one today and the other tomorrow I decided they should be grouped as one – so we have baby boy and baby girl – the kits are called Bubbles Of Love 6x6 card kit
So for both cards I used an A4 sheet of 300gsm card which I folded in half using line 7 of the blue score board the turn the card and score again to create the 6x6 card.
The base layer was attached to the card front using double sided tape, and there are 2 panels to each kit – one is a pale blue panel with pale blue bubbles on it and then the other panel is a pink or blue mottled looking paper, so I made them both up the same, the bubbles paper was stuck across the card and the coloured panel stuck down the left side.
The topper was mounted using double sided tape, it fitted nicely over the bubbles and between the mottled panels. I have used double sided tape throughout the card so far.

The decoupage was very easy to cut out making the kits perfect for new crafters as well as seasoned crafters.

The sticky pads I am using now are by Stix2 and I like these as they are just 1 mm thick. This gives the decoupage lift but doesn’t make it high and wobbly looking.

The sentiment is the same on both cards – Bubbles of Love but obviously in the colour of the card itself and the text is facing the baby – and I love the baby boy just look at his sweet little face!! 

The sheets were very generous with the decoupage; in fact I only used 3 layers on each card and left over 2 layers which I made into atcs so making this kits even more value for money.
I bought and made up the kits for no other reason than they were lovely to make up and always handy to have just in case a new baby should come along!

The kits also have lots of different sized bubbles to decorate the cards with – after all they are called Bubbles of Love, but I haven’t used them yet as not sure I like them on the cards, but when I come to add some glitter and glossy accents I may well change my mind.

I hope the cards made you smile with the cute babies – and if they did I'm glad I shared the cards and cheered up your Sunday.

Be back again tomorrow with something else – as yet don't know what and I don't think I will be working on anything today as got a touch of headache and apart from that – I can't be bothered with anything, could be because I was up and down all night as I wasn't too well...but never mind!

Take care