Tuesday, 2 August 2011


As promised I have a few new cards to share with you

This first one is by talented designer Karen Briggs - and is a lovely card - although not too sure I like the name of it

Doll House Bathroom Pop Up kit - CUP number 220266_68

I have made numerous mistakes on this card - so reprinted and will have another go - knowing now where I went wrong!!!

So back to the card of errors....

I didnt ready the instructions before I started - had I done so I wouldnt have then stuck the card inside to a sheet of quality cardstock followed by the card outside onto a 2nd sheet of quality card - only after doing all that did I realise I needed then together - this made it really thick and unworkable

So now I have the outer - then card - then card - then inside

I cut out all the decoupage and attached the outside pieces tyhen went to do the inside


I noticed then that I hadnt cut out the pop out sections that were needed to hold the candles and the towel bale!!!

So after talking with some ladies in class it was decided I should just cut through all layers - which I did - and folded them before finally adding the pop up candles and towels.

All looked pretty good considering - UNTIL - I closed the gatefold doors - and clear to see was the cut out parts which looked fine inside - outside showed gapping holes as you can see in the card photo

Oh well - as I said - I will make no mistakes on the next one....

I had to use a paper clip to hold the doors together for the photo - and as you can also clearly see in the photo, when I used the Crafters Companion adhesive spray to hold the printed sheets to the cardstock - I didnt add enough around the edges!!!

Having pointed out all my errors I do hope if you decide to have a go at this card you will get it right first time!!!

Oh and before I forget - there is a matching envelope in this kit which really does finish the kit perfectly


  1. I can't see any mistakes and think it is great.

  2. Fabulous card Angie. Love the style of it. Quite complex though! Love, Liz xx