Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Oh Pretty Frog

This is a card I made last year but thought you might like to see!!!

It was a sheet again bought from www.craftsuprint.co.uk

I signed up as a card maker for CUP hence buying and making so many crafts u print sheets!!!

Anyway this is among my favorite cards - why? I really cannot pinpoint the answer to that!

Anyway, here is the card...and this is how I made it!

I used a 6x6 butterfly printed card - the card was pale blue with a darker butterfly design

I cut out the main panel and attached to the card with double sided tape, then added a glitter edge to the panel by placing double sided tape around the design, removed the backing and then sprinkled with Glamour Dust.

I built up the simple decoupage as I cut it out and shaped the top piece to add dimension....

To the left edge I used 3 mid green and 2 pale yellow paper flowers - the green were attached at top middle and bottom then the yellow one in the 2 missing spaces!

A pale lilac card candy was attached to the centre of the flowers using a tiny sticky pad.

To finish this sparkly card I coloured the heart and dots on the frog using a glitter pen then spent ages using Eucalyptus Stickles to fill in all the dots on the background...

All together this card took around 90 minutes to complete which seems a long time but the card was a joy to make and I wanted to be sure the stickles filled the dot completely and stood proud without spilling out!!!

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