Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

This card is lovely to make as well as to look at

And oh so simple to do

Its a kit from http://www.lynzeysplace.com/ and is called UNDER THE TREE

I attached the easel sheet to card stock and then cut it out and score the folds.

After cutting out the many pieces of decoupage - and believe me you can use as many or as few pieces as you want and still get a great result - I attached them using double sided sticky pads

I shaped the top layers before adding them then came the fun part of decorating the tree

I used PEARLIDOODLES on the 2nd piece up as it dries with a shine and also its dimensional as well as the odd spot of glitter glue

The fun part for me was the snowy top of the tree which I used for the first time - FANTASY SNOW by DELTA - its a thick paste that you stir in the pot then use on your project with a knife, paint brush, sponge or whatever method you wish - I used a finger dauber and dotted it - the finished result was a raised rough looking glistening panel - it really does look like sunshine on the fresh snow

I did take a photo but this was using my old camera which doesnt like close up work so its a little bleary - will retyr when I bring my new camera upstairs - but you get the idea!!

One last thing to add - there is a lovely box cone envelope to match!!!

I will certainly be doing more of these this year!!


  1. Lovely kit Angie. I love the muted tones of the tree and the matching envelope.

    Margaret (Shropshire)