Monday, 1 August 2011

Boring - but more bag charms

I think it is safe to say - I am well and truly addicted to making these bag charms

And whats more - people actually like them!!!!

So here is what I have been up to over the last few days

I decided to make them up in 2's but every charm is different - I make the beads up in a batch then start to add them to the key chain

The last job is the charms so if its a bag order I ask what charms are wanted

Otherwise I make a selection as in all these show today...

I really do hope they sell well as I need to make money for my chosen charity - that used to come through buys on Crafts You Print but that went off so sadly it doesn't bring more than a few pounds a month in which is still a help but as with all charities they need as much as we can all provide...

And I am spending a fortune on supplies which is another reason I need to sell them....

So if you have asked after one previously - don't worry - its all made as I had to get the definite orders made up first

And if you haven't asked but would like to buy one - please let me know your preferred colours, theme for charms - ie animals, sports, DIY, ladies etc - and if you see something here you would love to own - tell me!!!

Thanks for looking - hopefully a card will be added very soon too

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