Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Falconry Doodles

Hello again....

Today's card is something I made for one of our falconry friends, we found out by accident on Saturday that its his birthday this week

And as us crafters know - its lovely to actually make a card with someone in mind rather than just for the sake of it!

So here's the card in question

The sheet was bought from http://www.craftsuprint.co.uk/ and is by a fab doodles designer LEE JACOBS

I used a sheet of mid brown A4 card stock to create my folded A5 card blank,

As the sheet has just the falconer on it I needed a suitable background so did a google search for TREES and this background worked perfectly as it was in colours to match the image!

So I added the printed tree backing and left around 3cms clear at the top and bottom of the brown card - once the backing for attached with double sided tape I used a white with gold edge wavy line border peel off as you can see in the photo.

I made up the decoupage using Pinflair silicone and shaped the top layers before putting into place

Once dry I stuck the image to my card - over to the right hand side and with his foot and basket almost at the bottom of the card.

Added a circular Birthday Wishes disk to the top left corner and decorated the design using glossy accents on his boots and the birds face and then enamel accents on the shirt and bag detail....

All in all a great card for an bird of prey enthusiast!

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