Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wedding Day Cascade

Hello again
Thought I would share a wedding card I made as a favour for y friend Beth
She had asked for help with making one a few weeks ago so I did it for her and then had a message could the lady have another for the same couple so something totally different
I searched through endless files, folders, cds etc and then came across this kit from craftsuprint
It was designed by Sheila Rodgers and had 3 sheets to create the card.
I printed them out just as they were as they had text and graphics all over
The first thing was to trim off some of the white surrounding then I sprayed with Crafts Companion Stick and Stay, then pressed this onto a sheet of white card
The reason I trim off the excess white paper before I spray is it makes it much easier to place on the card – if its a full A4 sheet you have to be precise when laying it onto the card – my way you have room for errors!
So I did the same for the other 2 sheets and then began the cutting out
I will be honest and say I have dreadful problems when it comes to cutting scallops, circles and fancy shapes – I always have to go back time and again to catch the bits I've missed!!
Once the 3 sheets were all cut out It was easy to put together, I scored the fold lines then used photo glue to stick the front panel to the middle panel, then those two panels to the back panel
I left this for a few hours to be sure it all dried properly.
I printed a backing paper from Kanban Season cd – this cd has to be my all time favourite cd and I use it more than any other cd I own!
Next I put the printed backing sheet back into the printer and printed off a lovely verse – this sheet was then stuck on the reverse of the back panel.
I enjoyed decorating this card – I used a Sakura quickie glue pen to highlight all the wedding gowns then covered with glamour dust and tapped off the excess.
Tiny AB gems were added to all the brides bouquets and the printed tiaras too
For the groom I used very tiny black pearls for buttons on the shirt.
And that was it – card made!!!
I liked the end result but not near as much as other wedding cards I have made but everyone who saw this thought it was beautiful
And the lady who ordered it loved it which was all that mattered!
Would love to hear your thoughts on this one please
Bye for now

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  1. What a loverly card you ande angela'but you always make loverly. Care,,hope you are well take care linda :-) :-)