Friday, 5 July 2013

This week...


I have had a text today from Ann who has supported and followed not just this blog but my other 2 right from the start – she asked was I ok as I haven't been blogging..well to tell you all the truth – I forgot!!!

This past week has been quite a busy one – Monday evening Pete & I were invited out for a meal to celebrate my friend Beth's son and daughters birthdays – we had a fab time but it was pretty late by the time we arrived home so it was shower and bed!

Tuesday I woke with a really bad headache – and no, it wasn't the drink – unless of course lime and lemonade cause them lol. I spent the day just lolling around and it was a huge effort to actually get ready and go out to my class

As usual its around 10pm by the time we are home from class and I just showered and headed to bed as the headache was not showing any signs of easing

Despite going to bed early, I couldn't sleep, the pain was dreadful so I was up all night watching television as well as the clock so I could take the next lot of painkillers.

Wednesday we were invited out to lunch so I made an effort and we did have a lovely time, in the end we were out for almost 4 hours and once home I just fell to sleep

The headache was by then just a niggle so I took pain killers, had a shower and went off to bed around 9pm, then woke when the phone rang and it was another friend so was happily chatting for an hour then fell straight off to sleep.

Thursday I woke and felt great – just as well because we had a few things that needed to be sorted in Hull, so we had a few hours out then when we got back it was sunny so I had an hour sat out, came in and got things ready for class...

The class was lovely and over ran a little so it was almost 9.30 when I arrived home, set to work on a wedding card I had said I would make to help Beth out, got that almost finished and when I looked at the clock was amazed to see it was almost midnight.

I did get to speak with another lovely friend Liz but as usual I continued working on the card etc while chatting

Today I was out in the garden – well it has been a scorcher!!!

But I didn't just laze around, I set up the iron and ironing board and did a huge pile of ironing, it was great working outside as time passed so quickly...

Once it was all done and packed away it was time for me to just relax in the sun!!!

Have to say the suntan is coming on a treat – it should be a good help for my holidays! I cant wait for them to come around...time will pass quick enough so I shouldn't wish it away should I?

Tennis has been on all afternoon, Pete follows it so he was in his element – personally I dont like sports of any kind but when we had no more sun in the garden I came indoors to finish off some cards then went and sat down to do some knitting and watched Murray win his game!!!

So you see – I just had a crazy week – and completely forgot all about my blog – sorry

What a bad blogger I am eh?


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