Friday, 15 March 2013


Hi again bloggers
Not a card today – instead its a lovely little basket!
It reminds me of my grandmas sewing box – the way you open from the centre and the boxes just fall over the edge!!!
It was really easy to make with the help of the instruction sheets – putting it together was another thing!
So lets start with the basics
The kit was bought from it is called Cantilever Rose Box and was designed by Macatelier.
The kit has just 4 sheets of printing which I did onto 128gsm matt photo paper then used crafters companion stick and stay, sprayed the sheet backs and secured it to a sheet of pink A4 card
When all the sheets were ready I cut out all the elements – and there are a lot – then scored along all the score lines.
Following the instructions made it so easy – I only used a wet glue – for me it was Cosmic Shimmer PVA – to attach the base with the lid so it opened.
The top boxes were simply folded on the score lines and had a dab of photo glue on the seams to allow time to get lined up correctly.
For me the worst part by far was making tiny holes for the brads to go through – so I used my Silent Setter and the tiniest head – this made a hole just about the right size for a brad to push through
When making up the mechanism, it was punch a hole through the mini rose, the doubled up hinge and the box side – then pushing a tiny brad through and getting the legs of the brads open and secured.
But I got there...
Its a fun idea – it would have been a lovely Mothers Day gift – filling the boxes with sweets etc
I'm pretty sure I can find another use for it though...
Would be interested to hear what you think to the box and also what you would fill it with!!!
See you next time folks


  1. love it Angie
    if you could make it up with other paper it could be a Easter basket

  2. FABULOUS Angie. Lots of ways to use it depending on what papers you use I suppose. You could fill it with craft goodies for a crafters birthday.....ribbons, buttons, brads, flowers etc anything would be treasured I'm sure. xx