Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tools Of The Trade!

So as mentioned in one of the posts, I have taken some photographs of the tools I use most often in my card making in the hope they may help you too!

The 1st and most used tool for me is my Eazi Score Board - there are many different score boards available - I have 3 different boards myself - but I always return to this one - it is marked out for all card sizes, and has gatefold options too! What I will add here is when you butt your piece of cardstock against the butt bar, score it lightly on the desired score line 2 or 3 times and then turn it over and do the same on the reverese - this gently breaks the fibres and prevents the fold from breaking open. While the card is still against the butt bar I fold it over so both top and bottom of the card are butted up, then smooth the score line with your bone tool.

Next is the Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper - this gadget has blue handles - it can round corners on almost any cardstock with ease - even people with hand problems can use this gadget. The chomper can do 1/4" or 1/2" corners - with a clean result every time!! I couldnt cope without mine these days!!!

In the same range is the Crop-A-Dile - this has green handles - it is used for punching a hole through many materials including metal, magnetic sheet, mount board etc - it has 2 different sized hole, and has a sliding gauge so if you need to punch several holes in a row they will be in a row! This gadget also has a sealer unit which means you can add an eyelet or gromit to the punched hole and then seal it securely - like the chomper, it is so easy to use and requires very little effort for maximum results.

Crafters Companion do a whole range of wonderful sprays that are great for all paper crafts. I find myself reaching for the glitter sprays when I have a larger area of my project that needs to be glittered.
The sprays come in gold, silver and irredescent - I tend to go for the irredescent when looking for a snow type covering as the silver tends to be thicker so not allowing the design to show through - but it is a matter of personal preference - have a play and decide - I would be interested to hear your thoughts and opinions on these sprays too!!

Card Candy - WOW - these legless brads are fantastic for card making - they are from CRAFT WORK CARDS and come in sealed bags of colours - with dozens of colour rangers available. I use them a lot and they never seem to go down - the easiest way to attach them is to add a tiny double sided sticky pad to the back - its that easy!!! You are sure to find the perfect colour or contrast for whatever project you are working on!

The clear MANDALA BOARD is a great piece of kit and quite simple to use - unlike the Glitter Girls boards that have chanels leading in and out this board doesnt but believe me it is easier to get perfect results from every time - I use a 6mm embossing ball tool and mirri card - simply decide on the shape and size you want and off you go - once embossed its so easy to cut out without losing that lovely embossed outer line!!! I like to use the labels for adding a sentiment or even peel offs because the embossed border makes all the difference!!

And finally its the TWINKLETS DIAMOND DUST - although it looks like a glitter in the pot dont be fooled - this is actually finely ground glass!!! All you have to do is use glue on your project then sprinkle diamond dust as you would glitter - shake off the excess and leave to set for a few minutes - you really do get a WOW factor with this!!! I will be adding a card later that I used this on and the results are easily noticable!

I hope you have found this run down of my favorite tools interesting - if you need any further help or information on the tools please just ask!!!


  1. Thanks for all the info Angie. The legless brads look a great idea not seen these before. Love your blog by the way W xx

  2. Well I do have one thing - the scoring board, but reading what you have written I do not use it correctly as I don't turn my card over and score again. Of course you turn it over, makes it so much easier to fold!

  3. Love my Eazi Score Board Angie and use it all the time. Also love card candy (although I seem to have misplaced all of mine at the moment somewhere in my craft room! The Mandala Board looks good. Can I ask where you bought the Diamond Dust please? Thanks for all of the info. Liz x