Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thistle do nicely florists

 Today I made a beautiful card with a difference and thought it would be perfect to share with you

The card was actaully a kit I bought from Crafts You Print - by the very talented Janet Briggs - the kit number should you wish to have a go is 207317_68.

Normally I add just the one photograph but I wanted you to see the card side ways on to get the idea of how its made!

Now to making the card - as this is a kit you have to print out the 3 sheets needed for the card and there is also a matching envelope which is 2 sheets of printing should you wish to do this.

I didnt need to use any cardstock so set to work on cutting out the pieces required - once that was done I decided to add a piece of acetate to the front shop window - a friend had made a similar card and told me she had used acetate so naturally I followed her idea!!!

Although not at all difficult to make the card has to be done in a strict order - so the back wall of the card has to have the shelf added as well as the decoupage attached to the wall, then the panel is scored on all score lines.

Place the back wall onto the INSIDE of the back window - this is easier to do if you line the score lines up - once the back wall is in place you need to attach the front of the shop to the back of the shop - so add a glue - I chose PINFLAIR FOTOGLUE this time so I could move the design around should I need to.

Line the canopy from the front and back together and stick together - you should now have the 3 pieces held around the canopy - that is the back window, the back wall which has the shelf attached as well as the decoupage elements attached and finally the front shop window which has the acetate in the window.

You will see two WHITE stripes - one on the bottom of the front window and the other is on the bottom of the back wall sheet, you need to add a piece of double sided tape to the white section as this is what is holding your finished card together

Not you are ready to assemble your work of art - so peel away the backing from the DST on the back wall stripe and line it up to the BACK of the other white strip and press securely.

Remove the other backing and again line up this section with the front of the card, when happy press firmly.

Your card is complete now - and how pretty it is Im sure you will agree.....should you wish to glitter or embellish the card you need to do it BEFORE removing the backing from your double sided tape stripes!!!

To make the envelope print the 2 sheets and cut around all elements, then score on the 3 sides shown on the envelope back, fold on the score lines and add a strip of double sided tape to all 3 sides, take the front of the envelope, line it up and press securely - all that remains is for you to score and fold over the main flap and HEY PRESTO - its complete.....


  1. ooo i really want that card!!!

  2. You have certainly made a beautiful card. Think I will make one of these next as they are so lovely.

  3. My Flower Shop is called Thistle Do Nicely. lol. So naturally I love your card! x