Monday, 27 June 2011

In Santa's Sack...

This really is to be the last Christmas card for a few days at least - seems weird making and then posting these cards on here in these hot weather conditions!!!

So this lovely card was made using a sheet from CHRISTMAS CREATIONS GIORDANO & JOANNA SHEEN

To make this card I chose a green A4 piece of card which I folded to make an A5 landscape card...

Rather than print out one of the many beautiful papers on the cd I found a piece of backing paper that I felt was perfect - it was from my DCVW Christmas Combo 12x12 pad - I can recommend this pad for all year round use!!

The corners were punched using a Martha Stewart SNOWFLAKE corner punch then attached to the card blank leaving a very narrow border which made the corners stand out more as the green of the card shows.

After cutting all the decoupage from the sheet I decided against using the base layer - mainly because I felt it was too big for the card - and basically the excess space around the image was just not needed - so I used double sided sticky pads to attach what technically was the 2nd layer to the left of my card.

I then added the layers of decoupage after shaping - for this I used my favorite large thin pads - I dread the day these run out!!!

Once I had used all the pieces I chose a charm - this was a very pretty JOY charm - the O in the word was actually a wreathe! To attach the charm I used a jump ring from charm to a piece of chain and jump ring from chain to finish - then a red matt glittered brad held the charm in place through the jump ring....

How many of you are sat there now thinking I have jump rings but had no idea what to do with them?

Back to the card - as there was quite a lot of glitter needed I used PVA glue - I put a spot on a plain tile then wet my finger, picked up some glue and rubbed it where I was going to add the glitter - once happy I had it all covered, I sprinkled glamour dust, then tapped the excess back into the tray and finally brushed the card clean using a large fluffy brush

Last thing was to use the Sakura quickie glue pen to highlight parts of the fluffy dogs head and sprinkle a dusting of glitter!!!

As a point of interest the brushes I use for this purpose are make up blusher brushes - from the £1 shop usually - they are perfect for the job as soft and fluffy so they dont damage the designs....

I do hope you like this card - and will give a few things a try - like charms, jump rings - and adding glitter with a wet finger and PVA glue!!!

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  1. Love the images on this card, Angie. Thanks for the tip about using the blusher brush. Liz x