Thursday, 1 August 2013

Loads of cards

Hello again
I am so sorry that again I haven't been sharing the cards
I have lots made but just struggling to find enough time in a day to do all I have to do
So today I thought I would show you the cards my best friend Beth & I have made over the past week or so...
These are mainly sheets and kits bought from craftsuprint, card making downloads and scrap booking mad but we have added our finishing touches which have now made them into WOW cards!
I would really love your comments on the cards – do you have a favourite – if so why? What makes that card stand out enough for you to call it your favourite?
I will be back soon – promise – even if its when I get the text from my friend Ann saying simply Bloggy Blog Blog!!!!


  1. Well my favourites are - the shed with the robins on, the birthday card with the fan on and the good luck card (the embellishments look really nice) and the get well card (the lilies look v shiny).

  2. hello angela long time sug , hope you are well
    just been looking at all your loverly card they are stunning , there was one i like abit more the Poppy one , but like i have said before loverly cards . take care big hugs linda

  3. Mmm, very hard to choose a favourite as they are all lovely cards, Angie. I love the baby cards (just love baby cards in general!)Love the little ballerina cards and the card with the little pussycat who wants to be a tiger when he grows up, lol. Love them all really. Thank-you for sharing. xx