Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A treat - for free!!!

I'm sure many of you will have heard of GRAZE - some of you may even have tried them before
In case you don't know, GRAZE do small food boxes - you can chose which 4 items you want in your box
You chose the day for delivery too - and then its just a case of watch the post on the date - your box fits through the letter box so no problems if you aren't at home.
GRAZE do boxes for special dietary needs good is that!!!
I have had loads and love them...especially the chocolate treats.
After all the treats have gone I use the box - they make fantastic altered art gifts - if you follow me you may well have seen 3 or 4 I have previously made.
If you would like to have a try of a GRAZE box for FREE then simply click this link and sign up online
Once you have had the free box there is NO obligation to buy more
And for every person who signs up using my link, I get £1 off my future boxes - so we all gain!!!
This is very safe - I started with a free box through a link like this and have had around a dozen boxes now

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