Sunday, 22 December 2013


Well Hello
I thought I would let you all know what's happening with me just now.
I have been running 2 card making classes so that was taking a huge amount of time, as I had to make up a new demo card then sort the papers out for around 15 people - then I would have 2 or 3 people arrive when I didn't expect them or up to 6 just not turn up and I would be left with all these extra kits!
I had a letter from the hospital regarding my operation, I had the date for the pre op and then the op was just 4 days later.
Had the pre op and was all sorted ready for the op when I had a call, less than 18 hours to going in to say the op was cancelled as I had a water infection and MSSA so was prescribed antibiotics and a body wash.
So after a week of treatment I was clear and then my date was reset for 12th December - I got dropped off at 3.40pm and made my way to the ward only to be told there was no bed available so I would have to return at 7am the next day.
So at 8am on Friday 13th December I went into theatre for a total knee replacement...all went well and I was back on the ward just after lunchtime...I made good progress so came home on Monday afternoon with strict instructions to rest, rest, rest....and that's just what I am doing!
I am using walking sticks and will be for around 3 - 6 months so I am pleased I now live in a bungalow - no stairs!!!
I haven't been in the craft room and so far haven't missed it.
Today I sat in the kitchen and with Pete's help we made a couple of dozen mince pies, a fruit loaf and a banana with walnut cake...
But I spent this evening suffering for it so tomorrow I will be doing nothing but sitting with the leg well elevated.
And now its just after 11pm so time to hobble off to bed I think.
See you again soon

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