Friday, 12 April 2013

Minnie Mouse

Hello my blogger friends
I must apologise for yesterday – have no idea as to why I didn't post – hadn't dawned on me until I came to do tonight's
So this is a card that I was asked to make a few days ago – she wasn't in a big rush for it but as I didn't have much else to do I decided to crack on with it.
I was told it was for a 3 year old who loves Minnie Mouse – this is what I made
So materials for this card I used ….
Heat mat to work on and protect your surface – I always use it...
Pink A4 and A5 card
Decoupage sheet
2 different backing papers
inverted corner punch
Sticky pads
Eazi Score Board & tool
Tonic 8” guillotine
Shaping tool from
Foam shaping mat – stamping mat or even a mouse mat
To make the card …
I folded the A4 pink card in half to make the card blank.
I used the Minnie Mouse backing paper to cover the front of the card blank leaving just a narrow border all round.
Next I trimmed the A5 card so it would sit on the card front and show a little of the paper all around it – when I was happy with the size I used my inverted corner punch on all 4 corners.
Added large sticky pads to the back and added to the card front.
I trimmed down the pink woven backing paper to fit inside the pink panel – punched the corners then stuck in place with double sided tape
Next I cut out the base piece of the Minnie Mouse decoupage and stuck it to the left side of the card, the decoupage elements were cut out and added with sticky pads.
Once Minnie was finished I added the Minnie Mouse to the left of her and a few of the pretty flowers to the bottom right of the panel.
Because I hadn't left myself a lot of room to add a sentiments I ended up using the PC so added Happy Birthday Gracie 3 today – I used a lovely font that boxed each letter
When I cut the words out I didn't cut straight – the boxes weren't straight anyway – so wiggled the scissors as I cut.
The words were stick to the card with tiny sticky pads.
And that's the card completed.
It was collected today and the customer was over the moon with it – I do like good feedback!!!
Catch you again tomorrow – same place folks


  1. I love this card! Such a cute image, and bright colours! It's lovely! xx

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