Sunday, 2 February 2014

Valentine's Day Book Card

I won’t bother to apologise for not posting as I should as it seems to be happening time and again...I hope that one day I will get back into sharing card ideas with you on a daily basis
I made this card today as I was asked if I could do something for Valentine’s Day that looked nice but more importantly had meaningful words in the verse – I am hoping I managed it!
In my mind I wanted to make a book type card so that I had plenty of room to play about with so started by taking 2 sheets of white card, scoring down the centre to create 2 A5 cards then added glue to the inside right of one card and front cover of the other card then opened the 2nd card and secured the front to the inside right of the other card – this gave me potentially 6 A5 layers to work on

The front of the book card was first covered with a deep red and black patterned scrapbook paper, I didn’t leave any of the white card showing.
Next I printed out a sheet I had stored on my computer which featured a motorbike with gears and chains – that’s a good manly start to the card I would say, so the sheet was trimmed down so it would fit the card front but leave a border all round.

I had typed Happy Valentine’s Day on the spare tag before I printed the sheet so this was cut out and placed on the front to look as though it was attached to the heavy chain.
And with the chain in mind I used a length of chain and 4 black brads to form a heart shape in the bottom right hand corner – personally I think it looks pretty good!

To finish the front page I added 3 metal spacers at the bottom left corner and 3 in the top right corner and on the sentiment tag I stuck a clear gem which was embedded into a cog shaped disk.
Open up the book and on the right hand page I used a steam punk sexy lady sheet, she was dressed in a beautiful strapless black dress as well as long stripped stockings, black boots, black hat with a red rose decoration and finally a lacy choker round her neck.

To the left of the lady were a series of hearts and cogs cascading down the card and a huge pair of deep red lips with a white lace cog hanging out.
I covered the white card with red roses scrapbooking paper, then added the card topper leaving the all round border and to finish simply added a deep pink heart shaped gem to each corner of the sheet.
Opening up the card to show the 3 inside sections I covered the left and right sides with white backing paper that had different sized and coloured hearts, again I didn’t leave the white of the card showing.

I printed the verses onto a sheet of card that was the palest pink with darker pink smudges, and then used a nestability die to cut the 2 verses out and then a size bigger to cut 2 mats from the red roses scrapbook paper, I matted the verse to the rose mat then onto the heart backing – making sure the mats were at roughly the same height on the left and right side.
And that leaves just the centre panel – I printed off the backing paper and 2 toppers from a Jem’s Designs CD Rom but sadly cannot recall which one – I think it may have been something like I DO or some kind of wedding cd, anyway I covered the centre panel with the paper leaving just a small border along the long edges which I then ran some brown coloured ink over.

Using a length of brown with red core Co-ordinations card I put it through a 12x12 dotty embossing folder then used a sanding block to reveal the red core, the toppers were stuck to that then trimmed to leave a fine border.

I stuck the True Love topper to the top left side using double sided tape, then the beautiful verse topper was placed at bottom right overlapping the bottom corner of the other topper – I used foam pads on this topper.
And that’s it – my card for a friend for her you like it?
See you again soon

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  1. wow what a stunning card , i love this very cool ,hugs linda