Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Special 21st Card Order

Hello again - long time no see I know...but hopefully 2012 will see me setting a goal and getting there!!

Anyway I had an email from a lady who had loved a Christmas card I had made her son (hubby's greenlaning pal) and for some reason I had added my made by stamp to the back of the card - so this lady asked if there was a chance I could make her a very special 21st birthday card for her to give her other son's girlfriend on her special day

And as always seems to happen - the dreaded sentence - BUT I need it before 31st December!! This was on 22nd December....

I hate letting people down so said I would do it and then set about with the WHAT CAN I DO? I asked my crafty friends for help - I had ideas galore sent my way but in the end I settled for a kit from Crafts You Print - its a Giant Easel Tableau Kit by Valerie Dawes

I normal print on the same setting - full page but past experience with these kits made me go down a size - so using WINDOWS PHOTO VIEWER I selected 20 x 25 cms for all 6 sheets

As my printer is temperamental when it comes to printing direct to card stock I used my matt photo paper then using Crafters Companion Stick and Stay attached the main sheets to white cardstock.

There was a lot of cutting out to do with this kit but it was easy cutting on the whole really...

I started to put it together in small sections and embellished each section before finally making up the whole card....

I used Cosmic Shimmer Coloured Pearlescent PVA glue to create pearly dots to the design but was so disappointed when the WHITE wouldn't do as it was told - instead of staying in dimensional dots it ran into blobby smudgy 3 times I ended up scraping it away and in the end settled for self adhesive pearls!!!

The blue and the burgundy dots went perfect and all in all I don't think it looked too bad using the pearls with the colours.

I used the fab ANITA's CLEAR 3d GLOSS to the centre of all the flowers, the orange segment in the glass and the whole of the keys. Large gems went on the top of the keys and the heart and I used blue and silver peel off letters to spell out Kerry Leigh and also the 21 inside the Happy Birthday heart shape.

Once it was all done I sprayed the card with Crafters Companion Iridescent Spray & Sparkle.

My friend Katie had bought me the new Enveloplus board from Crafters Companion for Christmas and she had helped me to make a box-a-lope so I decided this card needed to be boxed too...

As Katie had given me a 16" x16" sheet of white pearl card I used that and made the envelope with a 1/2" box side....WOW... I did it - all on my own too....I was sooo pleased....

I know its not that exciting to look at - but this is the front on my box-a-lope...

And this is the back view with the card inside and a post it note explaining how to seal it....

I know these piccies are almost the same as the finished card above but I am adding them anyway....

Honest opinions of the finished card gratefully recieved - as are any questions and comments!!

Thank you for looking and I do hope you enjoyed it!


Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Assortment!


Its been an age since I last shared any cards - sorry but there just hasnt been enough hours in the day to fit in everything!

Ive been making the cards but not sharing them - as I am still struggling to get everything done I thought I would just upload loads of finished cards for you to view

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about any of them - I will answer them as I get them!

Hopefully in the New Year I will get myself sorted and start again - doing a card a day!

We can all hope...